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Som rubriken säger … nu finns den populära kortleken Gotlandsquizet, som Glada Gotland skrivit tidigare om, även för våra engelsktalande vänner och resenärer som på ett lekfull sätt kan lära sig mer om vår ö på sin väg hit eller när de redan hamnat rätt och befinner sig här på Gotland – mer internationell IQ på köpet så att säga!

Please read more in english here:

During the spring of 2016 – out now!! –  we will launch an English version of our popular game The Gotland Quiz. Below you can find more information about the game.

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About the game:
What do you know about Gotland? Learn more and test yourself by responding to questions at any of the game’s three difficulty levels. Everyone can participate, regardless of age!

Question categories:

  • Culture and Design
  • Food and Drink
  • Absolutely Gotlandic
  • Wildlife

Levels of difficulty:

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Easy

One of the  Culture and Design cards:


How to Play the Gotland Quiz:

1. Shuffle the cards and place them in a pile with the questions facing upwards.
2. Choose the degree of difficulty which suits you. The three levels allow everyone to join in!
3. The player to your left reads the question at the level of your choice.
4. If you answer correctly, you keep the card. If you are wrong the card is placed at the bottom of the pile.
5. Continue in the same way.

The first player to collect ten cards wins. Good luck!

PSSST:  Check your IQ answers here 😉 


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